Enrique confirms fit Laporte, Fati ahead of World Cup

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Luis Enrique, coach of the Spanish national team Confirmed and followed up to monitor the fitness and performance of Emmerick Laporte and Ansu Fati before cutting off the fierce Bull army for the World Cup.

Enrique led Spain to the UEFA Nations League group stage with a 1-0 win over Portugal on Tuesday. But this team doesn’t have many players left out. Including Barcelona’s Ansu Fati and Manchester City defender Emmeric Laporte. Who are not physically fit.

Fati has returned from injury to help Barcelona since the end of last season, but this season, manager Xavi Hernandez hasn’t rushed into the field much. And have not played more than 60 minutes per match, even one match ufabet.

In Laporte’s case, he has an injury problem and is in the process of regaining fitness, along with Real Sociedad’s Mikel Oyarzabal.

Enrique spoke about the chances of being in the squad for the 2022 World Cup among the players who dropped out of the latest team. “I need to see Ansu Fati playing for Barca while Laporte is recovering. and practice with teammates.”

“As for Oyarzabal, I still don’t want to say anything. Will have to wait and see for his recovery. But it’s true that it will be a difficult set of players to decide. And not everyone I want to take with me. will be on the whole team.”