Neymar told his friend this spectator was very fit before the World Cup

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Paris Saint-Germain/Brazil striker Neymar Jr. has taken the opportunity to talk about himself at the moment to be fully fit. Ready for the FIFA World Cup that is waiting in November.

The 30 -year -old star had just scored one goal in yesterday’s 5-1 thrashing of Tunisia , and before that, he provided two assists. The form with the agency is fierce , 11 goals , eight assists from all 11 matches .  

That gives the Brazilians confidence to lead ‘ Celeçao ‘ in their pursuit of a sixth world title to Qatar later this year. 

“ I am very happy with my performance. Good physical condition with either the ufabet club’s agency or the national team’s name, ” opening the mouth through ‘ ESPN Brazil ‘

“ Hopefully it continues like this until the FIFA World Cup and everyone will see the real Brazil. ” 

The next thing is to try to break the record of goals scored by ‘ Samba ‘ that Pele has set 78 goals, Neymar wants to do his best on a match – by – match basis.  

“ Yes, it is something very special. But no one has ever produced a Pele -level performance before, so I want to look at it game – on – game , focusing on winning teams first. ”

Neymar has made 121 appearances for his national team and scored 75 goals , three behind the legends.