Santos opens up after Portugal’s home defeat

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Fernando Santos, Portugal national team coach Revealed after the game lost to Spain 0-1 that the Foi Thong army did a better job. But was shot down at home

Portugal missed out on the UEFA Nations League group stage after losing their decisive 1-0 win over Spain following a late goal from Alvaro Morata on Tuesday, September 27. 

“We need to maintain a high level of play no matter who the opponent is. We can do that from time to time. We pass the ball, chase the press and create chances. And in the second half we raised the game even more.”

“But after We lost our ability to hold the ball. We can get the ball back. But can’t play in our game ufabet.”

“Spain started to rush in. Keep going until you can shoot without even having a chance to tell,” Santos said.

“This is the second time we’ve conceded a goal right at the end [after the Serbia defeat]. If we have to defend we should defend with everything. The players and I are devastated at the end of this game.

“Did I learn from the Serbia game? You can’t compare this game to the Serbia game. Against Serbia we scored but then we did not create any more chances. We’ve changed a lot since then, the way we play, the way we think about the game. Of course there are always things to improve.