System settings puppy slot game and set up bets

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The system in the dog slot game There will be two settings for you to set:

1. System Settings

It is a system setting in the game that will have 5 functions to set as follows.

– Spin the wheel quickly (Turbo Spin) if you turn on this mode. This will make the wheel spin faster in the game. It will reduce the spin time to be less enough. In order to make our money faster than ever

– Battery saving mode (Power Saving Mode). This makes it possible to play dog ​​slots.

– Sound Music allows you to choose to turn the music on or off, for example, when you don’t want it to be loud. Then choose to close But if you want to play for fun and enjoyment. It is recommend to open. Because of the music in this dog slot ufabet game have great enjoyment Makes it feel very fun to play

– Sound FX will be the sound effect in the game. Which can be switched on or off as with music

– Intro screen, before starting the game, you will see An introductory screen will appear, but if you turn it off, the introductory screen will no longer be visible.

2. Bet Settings

It is a bet setting in Dog slot game, which has 3 functions:

– Coins per row is to set the number of coins to bet per row. can be set up to 10 coins

– Coin Value is to determine the value of a coin. And a maximum of 0.50.

– The bet amount is the amount of bet that you want to use. in each betting round They can be set from a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200.