Mendez grudges over the idea of ​​a ghost accountant for the past 5 years

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Real Sociedad attacker Brais Mendez has a ten-year revenge motto. Because it took less than half of that time to complete an account with the former Manchester United plaintiff.

Mendez was the winner of the 1-0 Europa League group -stage first-day match at Old Trafford. Which the 25 – carat-year-old called the most important because it was an old accounting.

Back in 2017 , when the Spaniard was still under Celta Vigo, the ‘ Red Devils ‘ were knock out of the Europa League semi-finals by the ‘Red Devils’ at that time ufabet.

After 5 years, the grievances are still there. Therefore, when destiny writes to orbit to meet again, Brays arranges his best to succeed, impressing his current fans in the Basque Country. Or old fans who are following in Galicia  

” The winning goal at Old Trafford was a personal revenge, ” he said through ‘ Noticias de Quipuzcao ‘ .

“ There is a famous football arena. It was quite my accountability from the defeat when playing for Celta Vigo in the Europa League semi- final. ” 

“ And the latest game is my debut for a new club on the European stage, kicking a big game, in front of the fans at the full capacity of the famous stadium. Successful goals will be remembered forever. ” 

Mendez moved to Basque in the summer for € 14 million as a replacement for Adnan Januzaj, with four goals in eight games in all competitions.